International Insurance Joint Venture Company “TRANSELIT” JS is the holder of NCFM license series no.000 695 issued on January 21, 2011 for an unlimited period to work in insurance (general insurances) within the following categories and insurance classes:

Class no. 1 Accident insurance (including work accidents and professional diseases);

Class no. 2 Health insurance, special conditions of health insurance for travelling abroad;

Class no. 3 Insurance of land vehicles (other than railway), special conditions of optional insurance of vehicles Casco;

Class no. 5 Insurance of airships, special conditions of optional insurance of aircrafts Air Casco;

Grade no. 7 Insurance of goods in transit, special conditions of Cargo insurance;

Grade no. 8 Fire and other natural disasters, special conditions of buildings insurance and / or other constructions belonging to juridical persons;

Special conditions of insurance of housing and other buildings belonging to individuals;Special conditions anexa1of insurance of goods, other than constructions, owned by entities;Special conditions of  insurance of goods, other than constructions,  belonging to individuals;special conditions of insurance of goods pledged / mortgaged on lending loans by banks;

special conditions of complex insurance of households belonging to individuals;

Class no. 10 Motor Vehicle civil liability insurance, compulsory insurance of civil liability of damages caused by motor vehicles;

compulsory insurance of civil liability of carriers for passengers;

Optional liability insurance of carriers and shippers;

Class no. 11 Aviation liability insurance;

Class no. 12 River liability Insurance;

Class no. 13 General liability insurance, special conditions of construction and assembly work insurance of liability to third parties for the execution of constructions and installations, warranty commitments after commissioning;

Special conditions of legal liability insurance

conditions of professional liability insurance, including professional liability insurance of insurance brokers.

Compulsory insurance of civil liability of carriers in respect to rail passengers

Class no.16 Financial losses insurance, insurance conditions of costs of trip cancellation risks or trip changing-transfer;

Special conditions of financial- commercial risk insurance