Travel Insurance

1. The object of insurance – property interests of the insured related to expenses for emergency medical aid and maintenance services provided to him at the occurrence of the insurance event during his stay abroad.

2. The Insurer – International Insurance Company JV “TRANSELIT” JS, legal entity licensed to practice the named type of insurance that undertakes, in exchange for the received insurance premium, to offset the medical expenses of people who travel abroad at the occurrence of the insurance event.

3. The Insured – individual in whose favor was contracted the insurance contract.

4. Territoriality – the insurance contract is valid in all countries of the world except the Republic of Moldova – the territory where the insured resides. Exclusions from the territory of validity of the insurance contract:

a) States which held military actions (war, revolutions, coups);
b) States to which are applied economic or legal sanctions from UN;
c) States on which territories were traced out different sources of mass epidemics;
d) States on which territories are certified obvious risks related to security of the person.

5. Shelf life – health insurance contract for people travelling abroad may be contracted for any period of travel. The validity of the insurance contract will be established by the agreement of the parties.

6. Insured risks and expenses covered by the insurer -at the occurrence of the insured event the insurer covers the following expenses:
a) treatment in hospital, admission to hospital for urgent surgery, diagnostic investigations as well as paying for needed medications recommended by the doctor, dressing materials and fasteners (gypsum, bandage);
b) the insured transportation by ambulance to the nearest hospital or doctor;
c) ambulatory treatment, including payments for physician services, diagnostic investigations, and paying for needed medications recommended by the doctor, dressing materials and fasteners (gypsum, bandage);
d) dental treatment, but only emergency (for acute pain relief);
e) medical repatriation justified and recommended by a doctor from abroad to the permanent address or to the nearest hospital within the insured sum stated in the policy, including expenses for an attendant (if such a companion is indicated by the doctor) and if the need of repatriation of the insured occurred as a result of the insurance event is confirmed documentary. Medical Repatriation of the insured is performed as well in the cases when the hospital treatment costs exceed the limit of liability insurance specified in the insurance policy;
f) post-mortem repatriation from abroad of the lifeless body in the country of residence of the insured if the insured’s death was the result of an insured event;
g) burial of the insured abroad within the limit of the amount of coverage for repatriation under the conditions stipulated in the insurance protection.

7. Insured amount – the size of the insured sum is determined by the insurer and the insured by mutual agreement and depending on the State where such journey takes place on which territory there are restrictions on the amount required for the possession of an adequate insurance protection.

8. Insurance Premium – the insurance premium is calculated and paid according to the territory, the amount of insurance, the category of persons and date of the insured’s stay abroad.

9. Insurance Compensation – If at the occurrence of the insured event the medical services are paid by the insured’s own account, the expenses will be compensated directly by the insurer later. If expenses are not paid by the insured, then they are to be paid by the assistance company. Are recognized as medical expenses amounts of money paid by the insured directly at binding prescriptions of a physician certified by prescriptions and documents confirming payment (checks, payment bills, payment orders, money orders, etc..). Those documents must match the legal payment and tax forms of the State where they were performed and must be submitted in original. Compensation of medical expenses incurred by the insured will be done within 30 calendar days since the documents mentioned above were submitted. The insurer reserves the right to verify all the documents that were presented including the involvement of his specialists and external experts to verify the authenticity of data and submitted documents. The compensation of medical costs for ambulatory treatment is given in national currency at the rate of NBM of the reference currency shown in the accounts in relation to the MDL established by the insured at the date of medical services payment.

10. Exceptions to Insurance Protection – Are not considered insured events the cases that have occurred as a result of:

a) perpetration by the insured of actions qualified as criminal actions by law enforcement that determined the caused insured event;
b) alcoholic, narcotic or toxic state;
c) the insured suicide (health disorder as a result of suicide attempt);
d) the insured’s flight in an aircraft or its directing except the flight as a passenger in an aircraft of civil aviation conducted by a professional pilot;
e) military actions and their consequences, popular unrest, strikes, riots and rebellions;
f) service in any foreign military forces or military formations;
g) nuclear explosion, radiation or radioactive radiation;
h) premeditated self- provocation of injuries by the insured.