Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance


Nobody wants to experience health problems either travelling in the country or abroad. And yet, when these problems do occur, surely you do not want to think about costs for medical services you receive when you are away from home and the people who may help you.

When you have contracted with JV IIC “TRANSELIT” JS a contract for medical insurance for travelling abroad and follow the next recommendations, the costs stipulated by this agreement will be easily recovered:

  1. inform the insurer about the insured event;
  2. submit the application for compensation of medical expenses incurred and paid in cash;
  3. notify the assistance company about the insured case in the shortest time;
  4. attach to the application the appropriate documents  in order to benefit from compensation insurance.


 Required Documents

In order to regularize the insured case the policyholder, within 10 calendar days from his return to Moldova must submit the application according to the settled form for compensation and attach the following documents:

  1. the insurance policy or its copy;
  2. the original copy of the invoice (account) submitted by the medical institution (on firm letterhead or respective stamp) indicating the patient’s full name, diagnosis, date of request of medical assistance, duration of treatment, classified list of services  deciphering their data and  total cost;
  3. the original copy of the document confirming payment for treatment or other expenses concerning the provided assistance;
  4. the originals of prescriptions prescribed by the doctor concerning the disease with the pharmacy stamp and cost of each medicine;
  5. the passport (copy) and the ID (copy);
  6. the extract from the medical card (“disease history”) that contains general information about professional and chronic diseases that the insured person had had before the insurance contract.

If necessary to definitively settle the claim for compensation the insurer has the right to require medical examination of the insured.