Motor Third Party Liability Compensation

Motor Third Party Liability


Upon the occurrence of the road accident that involved the vehicle on which a contract of Motor Third Party Liability was signed we recommend You to keep calm as much as possible, because you are the client of JV IIC “TRANSELIT” JS and perform the following actions:
1. Undertake all possible actions to mitigate the damages;
2. Notify the police authorities and / or other law enforcement agencies (ambulance service for people s injuries) about the car accident immediately after it, asking for elaboration of documents on the causes and circumstances of the accident as well as its consequences;
3. Within 48 hours after the accident, notify your insurer that issued the policy of motor third party liability;
4. Whatever the decision on establishing the guilt in the car accident, do not take any action to repair the damages before their examination by representatives of the Insurer;
5. Notify the participants of the accident, the injured party or his relatives about the fact that you own an insurance policy and put at their disposal the necessary information about the insurer.

Required Documents
To open a claim file on the road accident and for its management purposes to establish all the circumstances of the case and the circumstances in which the insured event happened the following actions are undertaken:
1.The insured or the person responsible for the car accident fills in a notice on the insured event;
2.The injured person or his representative shall submit an application on finding the damage, determination and pay of the insurance compensation ;
3. Attach the copies of the following documents to the file;
a) Motor Third Party Liability certificate (for both parties);
b) Identity card (for both parties);
c) Driving license (for both parties);
d)  Vehicle registration certificate (for both parties);
e) Technical verification report of the vehicle (for both parties);
f) Minutes of the contravention finding;
g) Sketch  of the road accident;
h) Explanations of the participants;
i) Minutes of medical examination on finding  the consumption of alcohol and drunkenness;
j) Route papers, mandates, leasing contracts / lease as appropriate.
4. The insurer may request any other documents needed to establish the important circumstances  for the settlement of the case and the payment of compensation.