Motor Own Damage Compensation

Motor Own Damage 


If there was an event on which you have an insurance protection under a contract with JV IIC “TRANSELIT” JS, Please keep calm as much as possible, because you are the client of JV IIC” TRANSELIT” JS and it will repay absolutely all the damage that has been caused in a short period of time.

Recommendations on Your behavior in such cases are:

  1. Take on the account of the insurer and within the insured amount, according to the circumstances, the necessary measures for saving of the vehicle, prevention and reduction of further damage as well as the elimination of the causes that can contribute to further harm;
  2. Immediately notify the police authorities and other appropriate research bodies, the closest to the place of the accident, requiring the elaboration of papers on the causes and circumstances of the insured event and the damage caused both in Moldova and abroad;
  3. Notify in writing the insurer within 48 hours about the damage (except for holidays and legal days off);
  1. If after the caused damages the vehicle requires reparation at the place of the accident to be possible to move it, take some pictures of the damaged vehicle and a report of the examination and assessment of damages done by an independent body or expert in the region where the insured event took place.The expenses for the photos and damage assessment confirmed documentary will be refunded by the insurer;
  2. If you are involved in an accident with the participation of other vehicles, ask their owners information concerning the insurance companies they have contracted Motor Third Party Liability with.

Documents required

To establish the causes and circumstances of the insured event, the Insured is obliged in all cases of compensation claims to offer the Insurer:

  1. The application according to the settled form;
  2. The identity card, the driving license of the Insured;
  3. The policy and the insurance contract;
  4. The registration certificate of the vehicle (technical passport);
  5. Certificate of vehicle matriculation, technical inspection report;
  6. Confirming documents (minutes, decisions on criminal investigation; sketches of the accident, medico-legal examinations, explanations of parties involved in the accident, the final decision issued on the file) prepared by the competent authorities empowered and mandated to investigate the circumstances of the insured event (traffic police, medical institutions, fire service, prosecution and other competent bodies).

The insurer may request any other documents needed to establish the important circumstances  for the settlement of the case and the payment of compensation.