Property Compensation

Property including FLEXA, flood (and allied perils) Insurance


If a disaster occurs, producing one or more risks taken by JV IIC “TRANSELIT” JS for the destroyed or damaged goods specified in the insurance contract, the Insured must:

  1.  take on account of JV IIC “TRANSELIT” JS and within the sum insured for the damage limitation measures for protecting, saving, transporting, storing and keeping the capitalized remainders in сonditions appropriate to each individual item;
  2.  notify JV IIC “TRANSELIT”JS in a written form about the insured event within 48 hours from its occurrence.The notice will show: the number and date of issuance of the insurance policy; kinds of damaged or destroyed goods; place, date, time, cause and circumstances of the accident; the place of the damaged or destroyed remainders and the probable size of the damage;
  3. immediately notify, as appropriate, the police, the fire brigades and other research bodies empowered by law, the closest to the place of the insured event requiring the preparation of papers on the causes and circumstances of the insured event and the caused damage;
  4.  maintain the actual status  after the insured event beyond measures required under p.1.;
  5.  provide all information and documentary evidence required by JV IIC “TRANSELIT” JS and allow it to do investigations on the cause and size of damage;
  6.  not to commit actions that would impede the right of regress of the JV IIC “TRANSELIT” JS against those responsible for the caused damage.

 Required Documents

 To establish the causes and circumstances of the insured event, the Insured is obliged in all cases of compensation claims to offer the Insurer:

  1. The application according to the settled form;
  2. The identity card;
  3. The policy and the insurance contract;
  4. The extract from the register of real estate;
  5. Confirming Documents from the police, fire brigade or other research bodies authorized by law.