Accident Compensation

Accident Insurance of people


In case of an accident followed by one of the insured risks, you will not have to face financial problems related to hospitalization, treatment or post traumatic surgery. Moreover, this protection will indirectly reflect on your close people who will not feel the burden of this additional worry.

All you have to do is:

  1. notify the insurer within three days about the occurrence of the insured event;
  2. submit a claim on damage assessment and payment of insurance compensation;
  3. offer the documents listed in the “Required Documents” in order to establish the circumstances in which the accident occurred and the severity of the consequences.

Required Documents

In order to solve the problem of compensation payment, the insurer must submit the following documents:

  1. the original certificate of work incapacity (medical bulletin) from the medical institution where the treatment was given or the certificate on medical aid;
  2. the document concerning the accident at work occurred during the production process according to the procedure established by law (in the case of work trauma);
  3. the decision of medical expertise of vitality concerning the assignment of the degree of disability or determining reduction (loss) of essential professional utility, which led to a transfer to a less skilled labor or total removal of the insured person to labor according to his profession;
  4. the extract from the medical card (“disease history”) containing information about occupational diseases, chronic general, new malignant formations, including blood diseases (in case of loss of working capacity as a result of natural reasons) which  the insured person had before the contract;
  5. the original or copy of the death certificate;
  6. the copy of certificate of legal or testamentary heir (if the beneficiary is not specified in the contract);
  7. the copy of the insurance contract;
  8. the document which certifies your identity (identity card, passport);
  9. if necessary, other documents certifying the circumstances of the occurrence of the insured accident.