About Insurance


The activity of insurer / reinsurer in the Republic of Moldova is one of the types of activities liable to licensing.

Special requirements to legal entities that wish to practice this activity in the Republic of Moldova are deliberately mentioned in the “Insurance Law ” no.407-XVI from 21.12.2006, “Motor Third Party Liability Law” no.414-XVI from 22.12.2006 and other documents as an imperative legal base issued by the supervision authority.

These conditions depend on whether you want to practice life insurance or general insurance and refer to the organizational form, the founders and shareholders, the capital, the name, the association, the reorganization and abolition, the setting up and maintenance of the technical reserves of insurer / reinsurer, restrictions on carrying certain transactions by the insurer.

The violation or failure of such requirements in strict accordance with the law may impose the revocation of license and, therefore, the impossibility of activity as an insurer / reinsurer in the Republic of Moldova.

The supervisory authority of the insurance business in the Republic of Moldova is the National Commission of the Financial Market.